Shame on You!!!

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Hello, and welcome to the I Hate Piano blog, soon to be home of the I Hate Piano podcast.  And if you found this site by googling “I HATE PIANO” then SHAME ON YOU!!!  You don’t hate piano, you’re just not very good at it…


My name is Dr. N. Mason Conklin, but most of my current and former students know me simply as “Coach”.   I’ve been teaching Class Piano for more than 10 years now, and I’m here to help you get through your secondary piano requirements.  Stay tuned for the “I Hate Piano podcast” for weekly insights and suggestions on surviving, and dare I say, enjoying your keyboard proficiency requirements.  And be prepared for some harsh honesty, because you’re going to hear it from someone.

I’m going to help you learn how to practice, how to sight read, how to play by ear, how to transpose, how to play from a lead sheet, how to harmonize, how to read from an open score with and without transposing instruments, and how to play collaboratively with another musician.  And I’m going to do all that for free.

BUT, if you find that something I’ve said is helpful, I would happily accept a small gift of thanks from you.  For just the cost of a latte, a six-pack, or a pizza, you can have the warm and fuzzy feeling that you’ve done the right thing, and have helped keep this site online for future use.  You can find a link in the sidebar to make your gift of thanks.*

So stay tuned for a weekly podcast starting in January.

Go practice.

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