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Of course, you could always subscribe to the podcast, read the blog posts, and interact with other music majors to your hearts content.  This site is completely free.  Completely.


If you have benefited from the podcast, blog, or interaction, you might consider thanking me for providing it.  It doesn’t cost a lot.  You could thank me with a latte.  Certainly you can afford a latte.  How many lattes have you had this month?  this week? today?  Would it really hurt you that much to skip a latte?  Think about how wonderful you would feel, knowing that in some small part, your responsible for keeping this site online.

 Latte – 4$.


Or maybe, I’ve really helped you.  Like going from C’s to A’s.  I’m sure you would feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for this stunning academic turn around.  Think about how that higher GPA is going to look when it comes time to interview for a job, or apply for grad school.  Maybe a latte doesn’t quite seem like enough of a thank you.  Perhaps you might consider giving me a six-pack.  It’s like showing up for a party not empty handed.  Doesn’t that feel good?

 six-pack – 8$


Or maybe, I’ve actually saved your career.  No keyboard competency means no degree.  Perhaps what you’ve learned here has been the difference between actually surviving the first two years of being a music major or dropping out and living in a van down by the river.  No, a latte or a six-pack doesn’t quite cover that significant a benefit.  Consider throwing Coach a pizza.  Who doesn’t love pizza?

 pizza – 12$


And remember, if you are a student at Reinhardt University, whether you take a class from me or not, I will not accept any thank-you gifts from you. Why?  Well, it puts me in a potentially ethical tight spot.  Let’s say you don’t take piano from me for Class Piano 1, but you listen to the podcast and love it.  Let’s say you give me 5 pizzas over the course of a semester because the podcast and blog REALLY helped.  Now, let’s say you end up in my Class Piano 2 course.  I might feel obligated to give you extra attention because of all the pizza.  I might be tempted to be a little lenient on grading your exams, and that just looks like grade bribery and could get me fired.  And worse, you might feel that if you DON’T give me a latte, six-pack, or pizza that you will be graded more harshly.  Or maybe you never actually take a class from me, but somehow, I end up on a jury or committee selecting a concerto competition winner, or an academic paper of the year?  Nope, not gonna go there.  I already get a paycheck to help you.  If you really really really want to give me a thank-you gift, you will have to wait until you graduate, and by that, I mean you have the actual diploma in your hand.  Then knock yourself out.

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